We are very lucky to have some great instructors here at Ralph Gracie - Bend:

                                    Paul Moresi

                                   Paul Moresi

Paul is the owner and head instructor of Ralph Gracie BJJ Bend Oregon. He is a black belt under Ralph Gracie.

Although it may seem that Paul is young to be the owner of a Gracie BJJ academy, his close association with Ralph Gracie, and his wealth of experience within the Ralph Gracie academies have positioned him to be perfectly suited for this special opportunity.

Paul was born in the Bay Area of San Francisco and at the age of 16 became the neighbor of Ralph Gracie, and a close family friend. Despite watching the Gracies train in their garage and being persistently requested to participate with them to learn Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Paul was too involved in other teenage sports (football, dirt bike racing) to accept such a generous offer.

He went off to Chabot college and played defensive back for the football team. At 23, he returned home and began to seriously train with Ralph Gracie. He found a deep love for the sport, and with a focused intent rose through the belt levels to become a coveted Gracie brown belt.  During that period he competed successfully at the highest levels of competition.

Desiring to further his education, he chose to enter Oregon State University Cascade Campus for his business degree.  Bend Oregon was a perfect fit as his mother’s family had long ties to Oregon and the wealth of outdoor activities that Bend offered were compelling.

While in Bend, Paul continued training and instructing at the Roy Dean Academy, and frequently traveled to California to further his training with Ralph Gracie. When Mr. Dean closed the Roy Dean Academy to pursue all aspects of his talents, it was an excellent opportunity for Paul to realize a dream and thus was born the Ralph Gracie BJJ Academy, Bend, Oregon.

Paul’s depth of experience at the highest levels, and the intimate education provided by an icon of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, has made him not only qualified to share that with the Bend community, but gifted at transmitting that knowledge to all levels of participation.

In 2015, Paul was honored to be awarded his black belt directly by Ralph Gracie.