BJJ for Kids

Go to any BJJ grappling competition and you will see hundreds of kids as young as 5 years old battling it out on the mats, then sleeping in the stands afterwards! It is clear that these kids enjoy the competition and the sense of achievement from these type of events, but there are a whole raft of unseen benefits that these kids are banking while they enjoy themselves!  

So here is a short list of reasons why your kids should train BJJ:

  1. It builds self-confidence - watch your kids be transformed by a little of the confidence imparted by training in BJJ.
  2. Strong body, Strong mind – the health aspects of BJJ are many and varied.  Your kids are going to be tired after class; not just because of the physical challenges but also the mental discipline required to master a new technique.
  3. Bully-proofing – bullying happens.  You can either ignore it or provide some tools for your children to deal with it themselves.  BJJ expertise means not having to fight, but also not having to submit to bullies. There is in fact a Gracie Bully-proof program aimed directly at kids being bullied.
  4. It’s flat-out cool! - BJJ is famous thanks to the efforts of the Gracie family, and the increasing popularity of Mixed Martial Arts (MMA). But you should know that BJJ is not MMA/UFC or cage-fighting. In fact its closest relative is probably judo.


BJJ is unlike Karate or Taekwondo – there is no striking and therefore no requirement for the aggression involved in throwing a kick or a punch. The successful BJJ player outthinks his/her opponent and remains calm throughout – I would not say it is a gentle art, since that might imply it is ineffective, but it’s core philosophy is certainly more about “flow” than staccato kicking & punching.

If you'd like to register your kid for class, reach out to us via the contacts page, or drop by during one of our scheduled classes - Tuesday & Thursday evenings 4.30-5.30pm.