Belt Promotion: Rhett Whalen to Blue Belt

Congratulations to Rhett on his promotion to Blue Belt in April 2015. Learn more about Rhett's BJJ Journey.

Paul Moresi & Rhett Whalen

Paul Moresi & Rhett Whalen

Selected comments from Rhett's training partners on his promotion:

Thank god at last. I was tired of getting tapped out by a white belt!!
— Multiple sources
So I said to the Mendes bros.... We should call this the berimbolo!
— Steven Segal

What Rhett himself had to say about his promotion:

When I got my blue belt from Paul I was pretty stoked but I also felt like I was ready for it because I had worked hard for it and had the chance to fight for it in competition.
— Rhett Whalen

A note from Rhett's instructor, Paul Moresi:

Rhett is a very determined person who is  tournament-focused and found success through consistent drilling and constant training.