BJJ Journey - Rhett

Just as in life, everyone has a different BJJ journey. We all learn at different speeds, and have different physical tools. Each journey is personal, and they are all perfectly equal, just as they are all beautiful.  What does your journey look like?

We asked a few of our students to tell us about their individual journey, in the hope that this would inspire and educate others.  Plus so they could share the page with their friends :-)

Here is Rhett's story...

1. When and why did you start training BJJ?
I Started training BJJ in fall 2013, it was offered as an elective through COCC. Growing up I had always liked a good scrap and felt that it would be a challenging new athletic venture. So far it has satisfied both of those objectives. Soon I dropped out of school and used the rest of my college tuition to pay for a year membership! 

That's Rhett on the right!

That's Rhett on the right!

2. Tell us about your BJJ journey so far…
At first it was pretty hard in a few different ways. I was very athletic when I arrived and I thought that would make me immediately good at it. That was not quite the case. Every time I got smashed by Donald, outsmarted by Roy, baited by Neil I just got more excited about it.

Eventually, I learned to think more and struggle less and to bait and craft instead of attempting to impose my will. For the most part my progress in BJJ has seemed pretty smooth and it feels really natural, like I was meant to do it. Of course awesome coaching, training partners, and athletic ability have all played into that.

Getting my first stripes was a pretty awesome feeling. I really enjoy being able to see the progress I have made and it be rewarded by gaining rank. When I got my blue belt from Paul I was pretty stoked but I also felt like I was ready for it because I had worked hard for it and had the chance to fight for it in competition. 

Unexpected benefits would include greater self confidence, a more developed ability to relate to people of all sorts, a much more calm and positive outlook on life, and the ability to better deal with stressful situations mindfully and tactfully. Also, I can now choke people really well.

3. What are your future BJJ goals?
My future goals in BJJ include getting to train in different places with different people, making new friends through training, more competitions, and hopefully eventually getting to teach our great sport to the next generation.



4. What advice would you give your BJJ-beginner self?
Advice I would give to my beginner self would be tap early, often and before you fade into the black hole. Be careful with your toes and fingers, and don't try to single leg a Judo black belt. Just don't.