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Below is the weekly schedule of classes.  Call us to setup your free introductory lesson. We also offer discounted rates for families.

It’s better to die, than not train.
— Ralph Gracie

Adult BJJ Class - This is our regular class, and typically includes study of technique, followed by sparring.

Adult BJJ Open Mat - These classes are opportunities for students to get together and drill specific techniques, ask instructors for advice and spar with each other to test their technique. There is a $20 mat fee for non-members.

No-Gi Class (** Runs principally in College term-time) - The No-Gi class differs from the standard adult class by discarding the gi uniform ordinarily worn, in favor of what is essentially shorts and t-shirt (more usually board shorts and rash guards). Opinions vary on the differences between Gi & No-Gi, but a well-rounded student should experience both.

* Kids BJJ Class - Starting in January 2018. For boys and girls aged 5 through 14. Check out our page on BJJ for kids.

Women's Self-Defense - There are regular seminars dedicated to Women's self-defense. For some this is an end in itself, and for others this is a great introduction to a longer commitment to learn BJJ. Dates for classes will be published well in advance. Learn more about BJJ for Women.

Private Classes - Private Lessons allow students to focus specifically on problem areas / weaker areas of their game, and advance at a faster rate. They can also be a solution to a demanding work schedule that makes regular classes difficult.  If you simply want a more personal tuition and want to spread the cost, bring a friend - semi private lessons are for groups of up to 4 people maximum.

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