BJJ for Women

There are many reasons for the increase in BJJ participation amongst women.  A quick search of the interwebs will reveal any number of lists describing why BJJ is such a great art for women.  Here are the cliff notes from a dozen or so such lists:

  1.  Fitness /Health – I’m not going to lie; BJJ can be hard work! It combines all of the basic physical health objectives in a single activity – flexibility, muscle tone and cardio.  Read more about the health benefits here.
  2.  Relaxation / Anti-stress – It may sound counter-intuitive, but BJJ is a fantastic way to dump your worries. When you’re learning something completely new, and trying to merge the mental and physical aspects of a technique… trust me you’re not thinking about the bad day you had at work! Learning a new skill has also been proven to promote brain health.
  3. Self-defense – BJJ was originally created as a means for a smaller/weaker person to defend against a larger attacker. It utilizes technique and leverage to defeat size and strength.  You don’t have to imagine that you're going to defeat an attacker – a LOT of BJJ is focused on escaping from someone else; in fact this is the single focus of the new white belt. We run semi-regular self-defense seminars exclusively for women, and these can be a great introduction/taster for BJJ.  Details of our next seminar can be found here.
  4. Community – You may be surprised, but rolling around together on the floor is a great way to make lasting friendships. You need your teammates in order to progress and learn - everyone helps each other and together we all get better!
  5. The “weird but awesome” factor – So while the growth is women’s BJJ is real, it’s still kind of a niche sport.  Watch the double-takes from your friends as you explain you’ve started training BJJ, and experience the pleasure when you successfully complete their dare for you to choke them!

Here is a short video which highlights the potential value of BJJ for self-defense :  

If you’re already practicing Yoga, you are already ahead of most BJJ beginners. The flexibility, strength and stability you learn in Yoga will help you tremendously in your BJJ practice.

But don’t take our word for all this…

With so many women coming into the art, there are a number of great blogs that describe the BJJ experience from a woman’s perspective.  Below you will find a few links – go read about their experiences and what BJJ means for them.  If you like what you read, you can reach out to us via the Contact page or simply come along to view a class and decide if it’s for you.